Services: Luve Deluxe Plan


At Luve Solutions we offer you a comprehensive service for the process of creating a personal brand and professional growth, guiding you at all times and managing the workflows necessary for the implementation of your project.


In the process of creating a personal brand, we implement a process methodology with which to undertake a path that will be much easier for you, always guided from the beginning by our advisors.

Thanks to your creative mind and heart, we will start this path together, accompanying you from minute zero to the materialization of your ideas.

With the Luve Deluxe Plan you will have everything you need to start generating income from your business idea, which includes:

  • Initial advice for entrepreneurs
  • Financial planning
  • personal brand creation
  • personal growth sessions
  • Graphic design: logo, base portfolio, color palette.
  • Domain + content web page (domain .es /.com / .net / .org / etc)
  • Registration / Configuration of the main RRSS with the corporate design
  • Unlimited email accounts associated with the domain

With this initial investment you will not only be creating your new personal brand, you will also embark on the path of courage and creativity for your own brand, instilling your own values and appreciating what this entails.

Are you willing to start this journey with us?